How to Find a Legit Crypto Converter for Trading

Cryptocurrency has become a popular investment vehicle for many people. However, there are concerns about the reliability of many services. Thus, users should surf the internet for information and choose a legit and reliable platform before exchanging coins. 

This article covers the idea of the right and most legit options for you to find the best .

Top 5 Legit Exchanges


This is an exchange platform that provides users with fast cryptocurrency transactions. The platform can be used without Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering procedures that take a long time. Partnership with the Edge wallet allows for direct wallet exchange. Therefore, Edge wallet holders can easily use and exchange cryptos on Godex.

Some notable features are:

  • Godex offers a fixed rate for exchanging cryptos. 
  • Privacy is the first priority; no need to open an account or give your personal information.
  • You don’t have limitations on exchange orders.
  • The trading process is simple.
  • Godex features 0.005 BTC as a bonus for participating in the affiliate program and up to 0.6% of each referral transaction.

On Trustpilot, 735 people have reviewed Godex, and 93% of them opined that Godex is a great trading place. 

Using Godex exchange you can convert the next crypto pairs and coins:


Binance is a well-known source for trading cryptocurrencies. Binance offers a lower fee structure, which is suitable for many investors. It has a good selection of digital assets. However, US customers have to use a different website with limited features available.

Features of Binance to look out for:

  • Binance is a popular and respectable platform.
  • Binance offers margin trading facilities and professional trading tools.
  • Although 2FA is available, users have to submit their personal data. 


Coinbase has an adequate amount of liquidity. It can also conduct a large number of transactions without any type of issue. Coinbase has a pro version that significantly reduces transaction costs — around a 0.50% fee per transaction.

Coinbase features are:

  • It offers many coins to choose from.
  • You can start trading in a few clicks.
  • This US-based platform has never been hacked.


Kraken came to our list since it has been out there for some time now. It is also considered a safe option to many. This exchange has some benefits similar to Binance and others: margin trading, fiat options, staking, etc. However, the customer service of the exchange is not the best. 

The best features are:

  • The exchange offers future trading options.
  • It offers advanced secure options like two-factor authentication, strict surveillance, and email confirmation for withdrawals.
  • It provides tools with pro functions. is the last legit exchange on our list with a native coin called CRO. Like other exchanges with native coins, it provides trading or payment offers using the wallet app powered by

What are the features?

  • features attaining interest through staking coins.
  • Spend your cryptos via permitted Visa cards.
  • It provides a safe digital wallet to store your coins.


If you’ve surfed for the best exchanging platform for a long time, you will agree that finding a trustworthy one-stop exchange is quite tough. Not only that, but the searching process also consumes your precious time.

While looking for the right service for your next investment, this article should help you. The choice of the right platform depends on your requirements in terms of transaction fees, the number of cryptos, security, etc.

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